Bed Bug Dust: A Safer Application To Rid Yourself Of Bed Bugs

If you believe you have an infestation of bed bugs, first make sure they are bed bugs and not dust mites. Once you are sure they are bed bugs, you will need a treatment plan. Professional bed bug removal is expensive. Fortunately, bed bug dust is a very useful and reasonable alternative. The dust works by attaching to the bed bug and drying the bug out so that it cannot survive. You will need to apply the dust to furniture, rugs, floors or anywhere bed bugs might be living.

You can use other treatment options in combination with bed bug dust. Wash linens and clothes in hot water above 120 degrees Farenheit. Encase mattresses and clothes in protective covers and plastic bags. Clean the floors and carpet using your vacuum. You will still need the bed bug dust as not everything can be washed or subjected to high temperatures.

There are different types of bed bug dust. Silica dust is man-made and it is often included in the box when you buy something new, such as a pair of shoes. Fossil dust is the most popular bed bug dust because it is a natural, organic product made from the shells of tiny creatures. It is also known as diatomaceous earth, or fossil shell dust. Professionals who treat bed bug infestations sometimes use a combination of insecticides and bed bug dust.

Once you are ready to apply your bed bug dust, you will need to use a shaker. If no shaker container is supplied by the manufacturer, first pour some of the dust into a shaker container, such as a sugar shaker. Now apply the dust around bed posts, in cracks and crevices, on the floors and rugs. A light dusting is better than large amounts. You should wear a simple dust mask while working with the dust, the kind you wear to protect yourself from paint fumes. Another helpful feature of bed bug dust is the fact that it can kill bed bugs naturally and also helps prevent re-infestations.

Once you have implemented your plan using the bed bug dust in combination with heat, washing at high temperatures and vacuuming, you might want to leave the bed bug dust in place get the residual effect. Using natural, organic bed bug dust is one of the most popular bed bug remedies as it is safe for people and animals.

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