Getting Rid Of Bed Bug Bites Naturally, Think And Act Smart

Infestation with Bed Bugs is a problem that has been in the news a lot. The telltale signs of bed bug infestation are morning bites, and little black spots on the mattress caused by blood droplets or insect fecal matter.. Bed bugs spread with anything that moves; people’s clothing, luggage, FedEx boxes, any type of vehicles and more, and since they can live up to a year without a host to feed on they tend to be a stubborn foe. But how to kill bed bugs naturally is a question of great concern.

Use of poisonous chemicals and pesticides will do more harm than it would be helpful. Insect repellents do not work on bed bugs, which are most active between 3 AM and 5 AM when the repellent effects would have dissipated There are many natural ways of getting rid of it. Some of them are mentioned here.

Firstly, if at all possible, all the infested items should be get rid of. This includes shirts, blankets, jumpers, anything that is lying around your bedroom floor. If the infestation is in a mattress, it should be made sure to cover the mattress completely in plastic before trying to remove it. Mattress should not be dragged out of house as in the process, the little bugs will jump ship and run and hide.

Every tuft, corner and crease in an infested room, including the insides and undersides of drawers, chairs and other furniture, the bed frame, and every article of clothing that may have come in contact with any of these items, must be brushed and vacuum cleaned. This will at least stop them from hiding in the seams. All the clothes should be cleaned in hot water.

Another way to kill bed bugs naturally is by the process of steaming. The great advantage with using steam to exterminate bed bugs is that the results are immediate eggs and bed bugs are killed on contact. A low moisture (termed ‘dry vapor’) steamer should be used if possible, as when treating mattresses and soft furnishings, drying could be a problem. A large cleaning head should be used so that the steam is not emitted at high pressure through a small nozzle as this could result in the bugs being blown away by the force of the steam and if they do not all die, it will result in spreading the problem.

Thus, one can succeed in getting rid of bed bug bites naturally, being careful enough in keeping their home and workplaces neat and dirt free.

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