How to choose a circular saw

Do you need to make accurate cuts, straight or longitudinal? Do you own a small workshop and are you used to working on wood or metal? The tool you don’t have to give up is the circular saw. Ready to make cuts of different depths, the circular saw is available in different variants, plunging and not, with and without wire: to choose the one that best suits you, follow our guide. Read electrogardentools saw reviews.

What is the circular saw, how is it used and what is it for?

The circular saw is a power tool used to cut different types of materials, such as wood, metal, but also plastic or vinyl. Its name derives from the shape of the blade: a toothed circular disc that rotates while cutting. The blade is contained in a metal frame: it is driven by a very powerful electric motor, capable of unleashing a rotation speed between 3,000 revolutions per minute and 6,000 revolutions per minute, depending on the model.

The revolutions of the circular saw are also called revolutions, and are referred to as RPM , or revolutions per minute. Using this machine is quite simple. Some models allow manual use, while others require the machine to be fixed on a base with screws integrated into the frame.

What is a circular saw used for?

Making straight cuts : this is the prerogative of a circular saw. The main use is the cutting of boards of different sizes: the only limit is that the thickness of the board cannot exceed the depth of the blade. The latter can be adjusted according to the size of the tool diameter. However, the depth of the cut cannot exceed that indicated in the specifications of the circular saw: they specify the useful radius for inserting the blade.

There are models of corded or cordless circular saws on the market. The power supply of a circular saw with wire takes place by connecting to a 220-230 Volt socket. All circular saws start via a direct system: this means that the blade is connected without filters to the axis of the motor shaft. To start the power tool all you have to do is:

  • draw a cutting line on the material to be sawn.
  • if using a manual circular saw, make sure that the material to be cut is well fixed to a supporting surface.
  • connect the machine to electricity or insert the battery.
  • press the power button.
  • hold it firmly with both hands. The machine is equipped with a double handle: the rear one contains the on / off button, the front one guides the cut.
  • move the machine slowly over the material to be sawn.
  • in the case of a table saw, slide the material towards the blade.

Once the job is done, just press the shutdown button and disconnect it from the electrical socket. Some models have a safety device: activating the machine it will double shutdown.

What types of circular saws exist

The circular saw for wood can be manual or bench . The hand circular saw is a power tool widely used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Manual circular saws ensure that the operator performs a very precise cut both perpendicular and inclined . These power tools are divided into two types: wire or cordless circular saws . The circular table saw for wood, on the other hand, is a fixed tool that cannot be used without its support surface; it is ideal for heavier jobs in hobby or professional workshops, depending on the model chosen.

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