How To Get Rid Bed Bug Bite Marks

If you want to get rid of bed bug bite marks, you just need to treat bed bug bite as you would any other skin irritation. A combination of topical creams, a healthy diet to encourage skin repair, and time will get rid bed bug bite marks. Furthermore, you will want to avoid getting more bites, and the best way to avoid them, is to make sure that you have killed all your bed bugs.

If you got your bites in a hotel, then simply notify the hotel, and make sure that none of your clothing or bedding have become infected. There are a few ways to detect bed bugs. Smears of blood on your sheets and clothing or evidence of bed bug outer shells are indicators of an infestation. Bed bug outer shells look like the exoskeleton of the bugs themselves, and they fall off when the bugs molt. Since they molt six times before reaching adulthood, it is likely that you will see evidence of molting if there is an infestation. If you do not see any of these identifying factors, but you are still worried about infestation, call a professional. Using heat based technology, a bed bug expert can find them in about an hour. There are also about 100 trained dogs in the United States that can detect the bugs, and they can find them with about 97 percent accuracy.

Once you have found the bed bugs, you will want to get rid of them. The easiest way is to buy a chemical that is safe for humans and deadly for bed bugs. Then, spray it on them. If you do not like chemicals, then you should look into one of the heat based removal systems. Naturally, bed bugs are very hardy creatures, and they can survive quite cold temperatures. However, they will die within five minutes if exposed to temperatures that are below freezing.

When you are certain that the bugs are gone, you can devote your time to trying to get rid bed bug bite marks. The best methods are topical creams and a vitamin E supplement to help you avoid scarring.

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