How To Identify Bed Bug Symptoms

There are only a few bed bug symptoms, and they include rashes and possible allergic reactions. The strongest symptom can actually be psychological distress. Although bed bugs were largely eradicated from the United States in the 1940′s, for the last fifteen years since 1995, their population has been growing in the United States. Due to their increase, many people are concerned about how to treat their bed bug symptoms and how to kill bed bugs.

Treating bed bug symptoms is symptomatic, meaning that you treat the symptoms. Therefore, if you have a rash, you can simply buy a topical rash cream. If you have a severe rash or an extreme allergic reaction, then you may want to consult a skin doctor so he or she can prescribe you a strong rash cream or antidote. If you experience psychological distress then you will probably feel better when you can be assured that the bed bugs are gone from the premises, but if the distress is debilitating than you may want to seek expert advice.

Bed bugs travel in a variety of ways. They can enter a premise through infested furniture, and some credit their recent population surge to the growing use of used furniture in the United States. They can come into your home on the skin or clothing of an infected person or animal. Some analysts suggest the growth in bed bug population is from increased foreign travel since infected people can bring the bed bugs home with them. They can even come in our their own six legs. They can leave an infested area and travel to a new area through air vents or fake ceilings if they route is fairly short.

There are no other bed bug symptoms other than the ones listed above. Even though bed bugs can become infected with about sixteen different human ailments, they cannot carry them from human to human. Bed bugs are a parasite that feed on the warm bodies of humans and animals. Although, they can be a bit gross, it is fairly simple preventing bed bugs and getting rid of bed bugs with the help of a professional is also fairly easy.

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