“Kill Bed Bugs” How To Get Rid Of Them At Home?

Bed bugs can be quite a problem in many homes. They are found in many places like under your mattress, in your favorite furniture etc and are ready to bite you the moment you sit on them. Before they multiply themselves into uncontrollable numbers you have to get rid of them. It can be quite difficult to kill bed bugs. An adult bug can remain without food even for a year. So you will not be able to kill them by trying to starve them. You have to use other serious methods to get rid of bed bugs forever.

The simplest and easiest way of killing bed bugs is vacuuming. Clean all your living space including your furniture, bathrooms, furnishings and every other thing you use. Dry clean all the clothes in very hot water. This should be able to do the job. However if a few of them escape you are in for trouble again. Sometimes if you are not able to treat bed bugs you will have to call the exterminator to kill bed bugs. Here are some mattress tips you may have to be ready with before the exterminator arrives.

Wash and clean thoroughly all the surfaces and bedding in your home. It is better to dry clean and wash all the bedding and the affected clothing. Use very hot water and the hottest setting for the drying also. Vacuum clean your mattresses and put them into plastic bags. Expose them to sunlight by leaving them in the hot sun for long. Steam and clean all your rugs and carpets. Use insecticides and spray into all the crevices in the floor, wall and ceilings. Do not use them on the mattresses and bed sheets.

If you are able to control the bed bugs using some of the above techniques there is no need to call the exterminators. Once they are completely destroyed you have to be very careful not get infested again. Since they are often carried be people who travel often you have to be very careful of the clothing, suitcases and vehicles which could have the bugs in them. Clean then well to avoid infestation. Since they hide in very small places you will not be able to detect them until you are bitten. So maintain good hygiene and sanitation to eliminate bed bugs.

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